Refund Policy

You may receive a refund for the total amount if any of the following occur:

 • You cancel the order before confirmation or before shipping ($10 AUD administration fee will apply)

 • The book is delivered to you in an unusable condition (the usability of the book is to be determined at the discretion of TBMANGO

TBMANGO does not take any responsibility, or provide refunds for:

 • Late delivery and any direct or indirect loss due to this

 • Correct prices on the system (refer to third party involvement)

 • Correct information regarding the right books for University subjects (refer to University Subject Information in these terms)

 • TBMANGO does not guarantee the inclusion or quality of items such as CDs, handbooks and user codes or any other packaged/ bulk items

 • TBMANGO will not refund or exchange Access Codes or any other software

You as the user should use the information provided at your own risk, and verify information such as your University book directly with your University to ensure the correct information.