Marketing Theory Evidence Practice *Hot Sale!*

Marketing Theory Evidence Practice *Hot Sale!*

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HELPING THE STUDENTS OF TODAY BECOME THE MARKETING PROFESSIONALS OF TOMORROW Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice is a new Australasian text written for students who want to know what marketing people do, and what questions man¬agers have to tackle in their day-to-day jobs. It's a complete package which provides all the material you and your students need for your course, including a truly integrated e-text packaged with every copy of the book, and a wealth of teaching and learning support. Written based on evidence and the practical application of marketing skills, it clearly illustrates, through case studies and practitioner profiles, how marketing problems have been solved in business, connecting theory to practice, and providing a realistic view of the marketing world. Students will be engaged because each chapter will be a glimpse into their future career and will build the foundation for the rest of their degree. Features include: Practitioner Profiles: Written by senior marketing executives, they describe their jobs, what they do and how they got where they are today. Case Studies: A rich selection of print and video cases that will engage students in the practicalities of the profession. obook: a truly integrated e-text with extra content and resources built in, which comes free with each print copy. The obook advantage: Some information is just better accessed online. Videos, links, podcasts are all live when online in an Oxford obook. Students can watch a case study, flick to a website to read some extra material, then back to their textbook to read a section, then listen to the author explain a complex topic, and then answer some revision questions - all on one device. Every copy of the text includes access to the obook - a truly integrated e-text with extra content and resources built into a digital textbook: Hotlinked learning objectives Interviews with marketing professionals Contemporary video cases Instant access to other videos that relate to the case studies and industry insights within the text. Audio chapter summaries Embedded weblinks 'Live' chapter revision questions and answers Integrated dictionary and note-taking featuresMarketing comes with a great selection of video cases for lecturers. Please see the below show reel which includes samples from Circus OZ, Porshe Australia and Steinfinger.

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