How does rental work?

Textbook rental is a simple, new and revolutionary idea that is already saving University students millions of dollars annually across the globe. Textbooks for any particular university courses can be searched on our website. Orders can be placed online and the books can either be picked up or delivered to you. They can be returned once you finish using them.


How long is the rental period?

The rental period is normally one semester and the due date is the last day of the exam period. Please check our Return website for more information.


How does the delivery work?

You can either pick the books up from our city office or get them delivered to your door. The delivery method has to be chosen when you place your order online. A confirmation email will be sent out after your order has been accepted.

Self pickup:

Books can be picked up from the following locations:

  • - Melbourne office: 701 488 Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000, VIC
  • - Adelaide office: 422/147 Pirie St, Adelaide, 5000, SA.
  • Since you are doing us a favour, a small gift will be given upon your pickup.

Delivery: Free delivery on all orders over $50 within Metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Adelaide; $7.90 to other Australian cities.


When can I receive my books?

Once you have ordered your books, you will receive a confirmation email of your order. Please allow 48 hours for picking up(we will notice you picking up time by email) and 3 business days for delivery. If the book you need is not in stock at the moment, we will order it for you. The process can take up to 10 business days and we will notice you by email as well.


How can I return my book?

You can drop them off at either our Adelaide office, Melbourne office, our partners' offices or just sent them back to our office by post.

  • - Adelaide office: 422/147 Pirie St, Adelaide, 5000, SA.
  • - Melbourne office: 701 488 Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000, VIC
  • Self drop-off: Since you are doing us a favour, we would like to reward you for bringing the books back yourself. A small gift will be given upon drop off.

    Send them back by post: It’s free! We will issue you a prepaid postal slip by Email before the rental due date.


    Can I write or highlight in my book?

    Although writing is not allowed in rentals, students can highlight text. Don’t panic if you do accidentally write in the book, just leave a note when you return. You will not be charged extra as long as the returned book still remains reusable.


    What happens if I lose my book?

    In the event that you lose your book, you will be charged the difference between the rental price and the selling price of the book.


    What happens if I damage the book?

    Damaged books may be repaired, in which case the customer will not be charged. However, if the damage is beyond repair or otherwise unfit for future use, the customer may be charged the remainder of the retail price, in which case they can keep the book.


    Are there any late fees?

    Late fees will be incurred after the due date, which is usually a week or two after the end of a semester. A late fee of $10 per week is applicable after the due date.


    What if I am studying outside the usual university semesters?

    Textbook rental for summer schools and unusual studying times are available too. You will just have to let us know in advance and we will adjust your rental period for you with no extra cost.


    What if I need to sit in a supplementary exam and have to extend my lease?

    We want you to make the most out of your study resources. If you will still need the book for a bit longer, just let us know before the due date so that we can extend the lease for you with no extra cost.


    What happens if I want to keep the book?

    If you decide at some point in your rental that you wish to purchase the book you may do so, in which case you will be charged the remainder of the retail price.


    My book hasn’t arrived what do I do?

    You can always log on to your Textbook Mango account and track what stage your order is at. Or you can email us with the order number when enquiring about your delivery.