Meet the mangoes.

  • Alpha
    CEO and Co-Founder

    A passionate leader and entrepreneur. Creative and full of fresh ideas. Golf enthusiast, would give up dates with girls for a golf session.

  • Eric
    CMO and Co-Founder

    Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Finance. The most intimidating Mango member in terms of body size but gentle in personality. A fitness guru and golf pro.

  • James
    COO and Co-Founder

    Not only a total automotive enthusiast, but also a fashionista always gear up for the latest trends. The unrivalled passion in cooking never disappoints anyone.

  • Ke Lin
    Developer and Co-Founder

    Highly experienced in programing and website developing. A hardcore gamer. Would never feel lonely as long as there is a computer.

  • Max
    IT Technician and Co-Founder

    A typical geek strongly obsessed with new technology and gadgets. “Come with me if you are into scuba diving too”.

  • Yolanda
    Accountant and Co-Founder

    Well-traveled. Very open minded for all kinds of gourmet experiences, plus all the qualities you would ever imagine the girl next door has.